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enhanced tubing     |     hairpins

Deja Vu.

Gen Gen Gen Gen

When the automotive industry required aluminum hairpin and return bend technology for their AC applications, Brazeway led the way. When the transition to micro-multiport tubing took place in the 1990's, Brazeway led the way. With the HVAC industry converting to aluminum, Brazeway is once again leading the way. And this time we have an even bigger advantage.

No other extruder in the world offers the unique combination of leading-technology extrusion and world-class heat exchanger fabrication. Our deep understanding of aluminum properties means we can help you design the best product, from length and expansion diameter determination, to proper flare, brazing and refrigerant distribution. And our experience with all aspects of production means we can deliver those results across a complete system and through all processes.

For both evaporators and condensers, and the transition components between them, Brazeway is the only partner you need.