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Brazeway’s History: From Partnership to Global Leader

Brazeway, Inc. was founded in 1946 by Charles Hickman and Allen Goldsmith on the conviction that there was a better way to manufacture aluminum heat exchange products. Brazeway initially brazed aluminum assemblies for General Electric, hence the name, but soon moved into aluminum tubing fabrication for the refrigeration industry. In 1956, their innovation of the copper/aluminum transition tube for use in refrigeration systems helped pioneer the wide spread use of aluminum in the refrigeration industry.

Brazeway installed its first of what is now six extrusion presses in the 1950’s putting the company in control of the extruded material that went into their fabrication processes. By competitively extruding its own refrigeration tubing, Brazeway’s next focus was on improving industry tolerances and reducing tube dimensions. These efforts led to improved quality and reduced costs for the customer and aided aluminum acceptance in the industry. From that point on, Brazeway enjoyed significant growth, and continued to increase capacity and add new products.

Today, Brazeway remains a privately held company and has grown to sales of more than $170 million. It has expanded its operations both domestically and internationally, with facilities in the U.S. and Mexico and partnerships throughout the world. Brazeway has responded to the needs of its multi-national customers and has realized the importance of global participation. New products and services are continuously being implemented and new manufacturing processes being engineered.

Brazeway has increased its industry involvement to include commercial and automotive air-conditioning as well as refrigeration and is now developing new applications to expand into new markets.

The philosophy of Brazeway’s founding fathers endures and remains an integral part of the company’s success. By developing its employees and partnering with its customer and suppliers, Brazeway supplies quality products at competitive prices and enjoys a leading position in the markets it serves. Brazeway will continue to solve problems through innovation and quality in order to provide its customers with exemplary service and unique products.