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The Evolution of Automotive Climate Control.


As automotive refrigerants evolve, from R12 to R134A and likely next to R744 (CO2), Brazeway continues to raise the performance standards of aluminum micro-multiport tubing.

Actively partnering with each of our customers, we lend our expertise to help in product design by identifying the most effective tubing sizes, alloys, enhancements and coatings for their heat exchangers. We add further value by helping coordinate all components in the assembly, providing brazing simulations and metallurgical analysis to eliminate the potential for corrosion and ensure optimal system component integration.

Nobody else provides such breadth of expertise and support—Brazeway is not only a design leader, but a technology development leader as well. From coiled, coined or cut-to-length tubing, to development of standard zinc, thermal-arc spray, or custom-blended flux coatings, we can create the most reliable solution for you.