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Enhanced tubing     |     hairpins

Aluminum. The New Standard.


When refrigerant standards change in 2009, will your technology be ready? With copper prices significantly higher, and the impending arrival of the high-pressure requirements of R410A and R744 (CO2), only aluminum will be able to meet the performance demands of these new systems.

Not just any aluminum, mind you. Brazeway's decades of metallurgical design experience, combined with stringent environmental corrosion and performance testing have resulted in the introduction of many cutting-edge alloys that exceed the specifications and performance you demand. From micro-multiport to internally enhanced round tubing solutions, only Brazeway can offer the quality and benefit of total product design capabilities.

We can help minimize the impact to your processes too. With innovative packing and shipping solutions, just-in-time delivery and complete system assembly, Brazeway saves you money every step of the way